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A solo-acoustic driven musician, Steve blends the quality of acoustic sounds with popular, rock rooted songs.

In the summer of 1998, Steve joined the Hudson Valley sensation, Maria's Basement. With them, Steve opened for such national acts as Violent Femmes, Spin Doctors, Shades Apart, Peter Searcy, The Pushstars, and Pound.

Steve started Flight School, in the fall of 2001 with his college friend and roommate, Travis Winkley. While with them, Steve won the college's battle of the bands and was given the privilege to open for national act, American Hi-Fi.

After graduating, Steve reunited for a short while with his first band, Maria's Basement. For their first performance, they competed in New York's Molson Chiller Beach Party Battle of the Bands and won.

In 2004, Steve formed a musical project known as Out of Order, with Travis. It's in this band that Steve would put the guitar aside for a stab at the drums.

Steve mainly performs as a solo-acoustic act. His greatest accomplishment as a solo act was opening for Tony Award winning artist, Duncan Sheik, in 2003, which marked a high point for Steve's career.

In the winter of 2004, Steve released his first full-length solo album, Hello, Goodbye. The album is comprised of acoustic, rock-rooted songs ranging from pop tunes to reflective and inspirational songs. Steve is currently working on his sophomore album and his long term goals are to establish himself in the music industry as a song writer and/or a performer.

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Well, go ahead, now. I don't bite...


Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye

Track Listing

  1. downloadHello
  2. downloadWe Got It
  3. downloadAll the Things You Said
  4. downloadLook My Way
  5. downloadOver You
  6. downloadRealm
  7. downloadRight Now
  8. downloadNow, I Forget
  9. downloadTeal & Purple
  10. downloadSomething
  11. downloadAll I Have
  12. downloadGoodbye

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Hello, Goodbye was released in January of 2004. Most of the album was performed and recorded by Steve in his basement with a drum machine and a Roland VS880 EX. So cut it some slack as far as production is concerned! Goodness you're hard to please...

To make up for it, you can download the album for FREE in its entirety, right here, by clicking on the arrow next to each track!

Keep an eye out for Hello, Goodbye 2.0: same songs, better production

Forgotten credit: Jeff Berner, lead guitar on Realm

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